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United Business Club provides businesses with valuable resources and education for success.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

"20% of small businesses fail in their first year of business, 30% in the second year and 50% after five years of being in business." 
We think this is unacceptable! That’s why we’re on a bold mission to reverse this trend. And, we hope you’ll join us.

Our Model is Simple. 100% Transparency

When United Business Club began, we made a promise: all funds and donations would be used to promote small business growth. We also made a promise to be transparent about where our funding is allocated. That’s why we account for every dollar given to United Business Club.
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Focus Areas

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Our priority and areas of focus are education, workshops, and resources to help small business owners to succeed. A large portion of our funds is allocated for lesson plan development, collateral materials, eLearning modules, systems, and software. Through the dedication of our staff, we can provide a steady stream of knowledge and tools to give business owners a strong foundation. With more stiff competition in the marketplace and the emergence of digital technology, we see education and mentorship as the only cure for removing obstacles to help small business success.

Expanding to New Cities

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We’re proud to have Dallas, Texas as our home base. Dallas is a thriving metropolis built on the success of local and small businesses. For so many small businesses in Dallas, we’ve removed obstacles for growth,  provided entrepreneurs with resources and education, and helped stimulate a thriving economy. This is just the beginning.

Our vision is to extend this model to many more cities, economies and small business owners from coast-to-coast. With more avid supporters, donors, volunteers and partners, we project expansion to 20 cities by 2025. And, we hope you join us on this journey.
We're asking for your support to help us advance our mission by providing small business owners with valuable resources and education to ensure success. Successful small businesses create more jobs and boost our economy.

When you donate, you’ll become a part of a passionate community invested in small business success. 

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