Member Pledge

Our members make a pledge to support and serve each other.
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United Business Club Member Pledge

Together, the members of United Business Club created a shared set of beliefs that guide our community. By adopting this pledge, we agree to foster an environment that is open, inclusive, supportive and energizing.

Come as you are and have fun. We are proud to be a community of diverse thoughts and backgrounds. We generate ideas, work hard to execute our vision and have great fun along the way.

Lead with kindness, dignity and respect. We believe there is honor in humility. Follow the golden rule and treat others as you expect to be treated.

Be supportive of your community. We are a family, and that means we support and serve each other through the highs and lows.

Have a positive mind for positive outcomes. Believe in yourself and never say “never.” Anything is possible for you and your business, as long as you keep a positive attitude.

Give up good for great. Take risks and explore uncharted territory. The best businesses are those that take advantage of ‘never before’ ideas and moments.